Spinner • Pink Molly • #3

Spinner • Pink Molly • #3

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Pink Molly Spinner

Loud and bright colours can be extremely useful for catching fish in many different conditions. Often effective when water visibility is low - dark, stained, murky or muddy - and the go-to approach for many anglers

#3 • 9g • .325 oz

Solid brass body, beads & clevis

Lazer Sharp® hook

Painted and assembled by hand

Available with nickel and copper-printed blade finishes. (Please note: copper-printed blades are finished using a realistic, highly durable transparent print over nickel blades - they are not true copper)


Spinners have been used around the world for generations to catch all species of sport fish. They attract fish using a spinning blade which causes vibrations in the water and creates flash and motion by using colour, reflecting sunlight or both. Different coloured bodies, beads and feathers can help to fine tune the presentation based on water and light conditions or target species, resulting in versatility, utility and reliability that few other fishing lures can offer.

Every Fosco Spinner is constructed by hand in Canada using the highest-quality parts made in Canada and the U.S.A. Fosco Spinners are equipped with American-made Lazer Sharp® hooks and are 100% lead free.

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